how to do a scandisk on your computer

A Scandisk or checkdisk is a really important thing one can do to our computers.

Here is how to get your computer to do a Check Disk / Scan disk.

We start by going to the Start menu and Computer



Right click on the C: drive and select Properties.


Under the Properties dialog box, select the Tools tab.

Then click the Check now… button to start the Check Disk program


The Check Disk window opens up.

Make sure that both the Automatically fix file system errors and
the Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors check box
are Checked,
Then click Start




Since your computer is running, Check disk can scan the parts of the disk where the system files are located.  Instead it will ask you if you want to schedule a check disk for when your computer start.  This will allow the check disk program the ability to scan where the system files are located at.

CLick the Schedule disk check button.



This will start a check disk next time the computer starts

all done


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