Reboot Windows 7 every night

One of the main issues that I see in the computer world, is people not restarting their computers.  Several times I have been send to fix a computer that is acting weird.  Many times I used to hit my head against the desk, since I am unable to fix the weird issue.  But now one of the first things that I do before trying to fix anything is to check the last time the computer was restarted.
Network Card Up Time

If a computer has been running for more than 5 days, its more likely that It will have weird issues.


To fix this, i went and setup a batch file and add the shutdown /r command to it.


Then i go and add a new schedule task and configure it to run every day, if needed or every week, to make sure there is a restart at least every week.


This will make sure your computer gets restarted, and avoid those weird issues.

Note: Make sure the user is logged off, or closed all the programs before leaving his or her computer running at night.  I am sure that after some work is lost, he or she will remember to close all the programs before going home.


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