Report Fake Phishing Websites

Here is a list that I came up with for reporting fake login website, and phishing websites. Thanks to ThioJoe for the longer list: If you know of any other website, let me know in the comments. Online Website Scanner Do you have a website that you think it might be infected with virus… read more »

Slow computer why

Here is this video of some of the issues that cause a slow computer. bundled software, bundled antivirus program and other applications. Bundled antivirus programs tend to slow down your computer by working in the background, making updates and scanning the system while you are trying to use your computer. Running programs in the background… read more »

Can a Mac get a Virus (or Malware)? We Ask An Expert | Digital Trends

There is a popular conception that Macs can’t get viruses, but is that really true? Do you need antivirus software on your Mac? We asked some experts to find out. Source: Can a Mac get a Virus (or Malware)? We Ask An Expert | Digital Trends It looks like Macs can get viruses, malware… read more »

Internet Explorer Security Hole

A new security hole has been discovered by hackers on our latest and newest Internet Explorer; the one that comes preinstalled on your pc. For more information, Two ways to protect your self while Microsoft works in a security fix: 1. Use another browser, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox 2. Disable flash. Here is… read more »