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.htaccess RewriteRule Examples

Here are some examples of rewriteRules that i found online, I am always looking for this, so I decided to save them here. Thanks to brontobytes for the examples. Example 1 Original URL:http://www.domain.com/product.php?id=15 Rewritten URL:http://www.domain.com/15.php Rule for .htaccess:RewriteEngine OnRewriteRule ^([^/]*)\.php$ /product.php?id=$1 [L] Example 2 Original URL:http://www.domain.com/product.php?id=15 Rewritten URL:http://www.domain.com/product15.php Rule for .htaccess:RewriteEngine OnRewriteRule ^product([^/]*)\.php$ /product.php?id=$1 [L]… read more »

Restya Board Docker

After I had ran the docker-compose up -d command, I was presented with the restya board login. After setting up everything (users, boards, change default passwords) I was not getting notifications through email, I checked and the postfix service was not working correctly. Here is what I did to fix it, I went and removed… read more »

Nextcloud 18.0.1 with Docker-compose

Today I got my nextcloud server running with docker compose. Here is a run down of what I had to figure out: I had to chose how to install it, went with what is in the github repo: https://github.com/nextcloud/docker.git I chose the with-nginx-proxy with apache: https://github.com/nextcloud/docker/tree/master/.examples/docker-compose/with-nginx-proxy/mariadb/apache. The nginx proxy is a must if you are… read more »

Configure Server to return the Cache-Control response

This setting tells the browser how long to keep a copy of the website and use it, instead of getting it from the server. This will reduce the website load time, and makes for a better user experience. Options that come with Cache-Control:no-cache: tells the browser to check if the resource has changed, if so… read more »