Here are a few tips for keeping your computer secured, wile using the internet.

  • Use a Antivirus program on your computer

A simple way to protect your computer, AVG Antivirus program can keep your computer clean and prevent virus infection too.

avg Detection

Download here

  • Use a Firewall

Installed with Windows, the build-in firewall should be enough to keep you protected from any attacks or any unwanted access to your computer.

To configure go to the Start menu and type: Network and Sharing Center, first option

click the “Change Advanced sharing settings”

Network And Sharing Center

Make sure you have this settings, with the Public or Home Profile,

Windows Firewall Settings

This will keep others from accessing your files on your computer.

  • Scan your computer for Viruses, Malware and Spyware at least every week.

Malware infections can occur in a instant.  With a simple click to update your video player, you can get infected.

Upgrade Video Player Malware Add


 Malwarebytes is the top of the like program to scan for malware and spyware, along with other really good programs too.  Scanning and removing malware is a good way to keep your computer clean and free of viruses.

Malwarebytes Image

Download here

With all this in mind, keep your computer clean, and your internet browsing safe.


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