Cant connect to vesta cp with ftp

Today i was working on a clients website, I was trying to update their website and trying to upload some documents.  I went and configured my FTP client, FileZilla of course, to the server settings I was given that were setup.  Obviously it didn’t worked


I looked and saw that they were using Vesta control panel on their server.  After looking at the configuration, everything was ok.  After looking around on the web, I was unable to find much info about the subject.

What I did to fix this was to change the pasv_address ip address on the config page of the ftp server.

nano /etc/vsftpd.conf 

changed the ip address from the public address to the to the local ip of the server.

After that I went and restarted the server:

restart vsftpd

After this it worked ok.

I am thinking that if was accessing it from the outside, it would have worked OK, but since I was on the inside it error out.

hope this helps


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