Slow computer why

Here is this video of some of the issues that cause a slow computer.

  1. bundled software, bundled antivirus program and other applications.
    • Bundled antivirus programs tend to slow down your computer by working in the background, making updates and scanning the system while you are trying to use your computer.
  2. Running programs in the background  are also another reason why your computer is slow,
    • anything from the hp helper to the Bonjour from iTunes.
    • Removing programs that you don’t need or use is recommended since they tend to use memory and processing power.
    • Be sure to know what is safe to remove and what’s not.
    • Also, removing programs from starting up when you boot up your computer is a good idea, this will reduce the load of your system and will increase its performance.
  3. Always check before you click next.
    1. When installing programs that you want, check and make sure you are not installing add ons that are unnecessary. This extra add ons tend to be toolbar’s, extensions, or viewers that are unnecessary.

Always check before you click next.


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