Http vs Https

When using the Internet, specialy when using your credit card, or submitting some kind of sensitive information (Social Security, Personal Information, Credit Card, etc) always check to have a secure connection.

How do I check for a secure connection?

By looking at the address bar, if there is a, or making sure there is a padlock on the browser window.

This is what the padlock looks like:

 Internet Explorer’s padlock

  Google Chrome’s padlock

A clear example of a local Credit Union (Bank) secure website seen from Internet Explorer:

SSL Secured

Non SSL Secured

Another example:

SSL Secured seen from Google Chrome browser

Non SSL Secured from Google Chrome browser.

In this two examples, the https: before the actual address, and the padlock indicate that there is a secure connection between the user and the web servers in this case my local credit union

On the Internet Explorer sample, it even shows who issued the certificate, (Identified by GeoTrust)

By checking your web browser and the information that is given in the address bar, we can determine if the website is who it claims to be.


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