Zabbix Errors

This are some of the errors that I came across when setting up my zabbix Monitor system:

Error: Cannot find value map “Switch Netgear port status” used for item “Port 19 Status” on “Template_Netgear_GS748T


  • Open the Zabbix Web gui,
  • go to Administration / General
  • Click on the Gui dropdown and select Value Mapping
  • Click the Create Value Mapping button
  • name: Switch Netgear port status
    mappings: create two, 1 -> up, 2 -> down
  • Click Add

Error: Cannot import template “Template SNMP FreeNAS”, linked templates “Template SNMP Disks, Template SNMP Generic, Template SNMP Interfaces, Template SNMP Processors” do not exist.


Testing for connectivity:

From zabbix server or from client on the command line, you can use telnet:  

telnet host 10050
telnet 10050 

If there is a connection error, then it means there is no connectivity between devices, probably a port issue or firewall.


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