Revit 2014 won’t open

Today I had to replace a customers computer, more like upgrade.  After installing the basic programs, office 2010, adobe reader, and the antivirus I went and installed Autodesk.  After the install was done, I went and tried to open the program, Revit 2014, it didn’t open.  After trying to remove the program from the Programs and Features menu with no success, I research the issue.  After some research, I went to the start menu and under the Autodesk menu folder I fond the Autodesk uninstall Tool.

Autodesk Uninstall Tool

I went ahead and selected all the Revit installs and clicked uninstall.


If for some reason this wont work, you can also try the Microsoft Uninstaller,

Revit Uninstall with Microsoft Uninstall Tool
Revit Uninstall with Microsoft Uninstall Tool

Hope this helps.


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