Quick memory error fix

Today I had a user that was in a little of a panic mode. They use a POS software to do everything at their location. When she went to her pc and discovered that there was a memory error, she was fully surprised and didn’t knew what to do.

When i got there she said that she tried and clicked the Ok and attempted to restart the application but the same error came up.

At first knowing nothing about this program, i also started to panic. Then I remember about memory errors. So what i did is that i went to the task manager, and found a program that seemed to be the program that crashed. Maybe the same title, maybe the first 4 letters of the program name, or maybe just an abbreviation. Then i went and ended that program. By ending the program, you tell windows to stop and erase any processes that are stuck on memory, related to that program. Then i went and tried to restart the program, it was like it never had happen.
It worked ok!!
Memory errors could look difficult and sometimes misleading, but knowing what to do makes the difference.


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