Combofix kicking back

Today I had the computer that was infected with lots of malware and unwanted junk.  I went through and unchecked everything under the msconfig menu, under the startup tab.  then under the services, I went and chose to hide the microsoft services, and then went and unchecked everything.  After that I went and downloaded Hitman Pro, he was able to find some major infections, trojans and some a rootkit.  I then went and activated the 30 day trial and managed to remove everything.  Then I went and installed my favorite program Malwarebytes.  I went and did a full scan,  right after the update of curse, because I knew that this computer was heavily infected.  After the full scan finished, malwarebytes was able to find 2245 infected objects. After having to go through all that list and checking all of them to be deleted i managed to get a cleaner computer.  But something was still bad, something was still going on on the background, literally!! The background was not showing up, it was all black.  When I would go to the task manager and stop the explorer.exe program, I was able to see the background image, some weird image of dogs. I then went and did a sfc /scannow scan, to replace a bad system file.  The SFC Scan was unable to finish due to corruptions on the system.

Then I tought, what the heck, its all ruined anyhow, then i went and started the scan with Combofix.  I dont like this program, last time I used it, I ended up with a computer that was unable to connect to the internet.  Some how combofix managed to mark a network setting connection file for deletion.  After that I was unable to repair the system, witch got me mad against Combofix.  But now I went and the same thing happen, I went after the reboot, and saw that the computer was not connected to the network. Well, i had been here before, I was getting ready for a windows re install. I then went to safe mode, for some reason I still had faith that maybe another sfc scan might help.  Sure enough in safemode, with no network support, SFC managed to replace the corrupted file, and several others.  Then I rebooted the pc to regular mode, and it was working just fine. 🙂 I was a happy camper.

I used to have good luck with combofix, used to run it in every pc infected with malware, but after an incident with a very special computer i stopped doing that.  I was unable to fix that computer, only a re install did it.  I guest that sometimes one needs more than just good tools to fix computer, one needs to know how and when to use them.


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