AVG blocked by Group Policy error

Today I came across this issue with avg, my favorite antivirus program.  I was  unable to open and use AVG.


this is what the error was:


This is how I fixed it:

I went to the Event Viewer and saw an Application error, on the log.  This is what the error was:


Access to C:\Program Files\AVG\AVG2014\avgui.exe has been restricted by your Administrator by location with policy rule {26500e99-2b02-4ea5-8f18-49e36a860535} placed on path C:\Program Files\AVG.

After this, I went to the Registry and searched for the policy rule: 26500e99-2b02-4ea5-8f18-49e36a860535.  There it was, only one entry.  I dont know if it was a virus, or a update gone wrong.  But after I changed the file path from “C:\Program Files\AVG” to “C:\Program\AVG” and a quick restart, I was able to use my AVG like before.

One thing that I noticed when I opened up AVG after the reboot,  was that it said it had updated it self.  I don’t know if maybe the update was the one that changed this settings, or maybe it was something else.

Here you go,

Enjoy 🙂


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