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Sign up for a weekly drawing for a Free Computer Clean up:

  • Scan and remove any Root-kits and Trojan viruses.
  • Remove any malware spyware or virus.
  • Remove any unwanted programs from your computer, programs that run on the back ground.
  • Remove any temporary files that are slowing down your computer.
  • Make sure your computer has all the updates for other applications (Java, Adobe reader, Chrome, Flash)
  • Perform the following:
    • Defragmentation; to remove any fragmentation that slows down your Hard Drive data access times.
    • Check Disk: to diagnose and remove any bad clusters on your hard drive that would make your computer take longer to boot up.
You must sign up every week in order to be considered for that weeks contest, All of the work will be done through a remote access session using Teamviewer the computer must be connected to the internet for the remote session program to work. Or if you are in the local area, you can bring the computer to me and I will work on it.
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